Welcome to MSHR!

A boutique HR consultancy who are proud to operate differently.

Established in 1991, MSHR was the brain-child of Mary Staddon, a leading HR Professional who noticed the need for a more personal approach to recruitment and HR consultancy.

Offering a unique blend of solid industry experience, exceptional customer service and practical and approachable ways of working, has set MSHR apart from the industry standard. And been the roots to its continued success some 28 years later!

Not the sorts to rest on their laurels, MSHR has continued to evolve, largely due to their consistent delivery and tenacious spirit. Over time MSHR has gone from exclusively offering their services within the HR space to expanding their recruitment and consultancy remit to a diverse portfolio of clients, across multiple industries.

At MSHR, we pride ourselves on developing strong and lasting relationships with clients and individuals. Never overpromising, but always overdelivering. Our longstanding reputation is built upon industry-leading expertise and approaching all of our engagements with flexibility and tenacity. Partnering with our clients and candidates to help deliver effective solutions to resourcing and broader HR issues. What’s more, in our nearly-30-years of operating, we have never once advertised. All our work has resulted from word of mouth. So, we must be doing something right!

We love what we do, and it shows.

Our approach is underpinned by the following values. Leveraging these and our sound business ethos has enabled us to exceed expectation time and time again:

Relentless Commitment

We believe in facing challenges head on and making things happen. No matter how seemingly impossible the brief, we will harness new approaches and meet – and exceed – it every time.

Collaborative and Intuitive

We believe that at the heart of every good candidate placement is an innate understanding of what makes people tick. It is important to us that you (our clients and candidates) will look forward to working together and see mutual benefit in joining forces. In listening, understanding and working in partnership we are able to align candidate and business needs.

Integrity and Transparency

We believe that trust is fundamental to the work we undertake, which is why we approach every interaction with openness, honesty and transparency. At all times it is important to us that we set expectations and deliver reliably. Working in this way means that you can trust what we say and feel safe in the knowledge that we will deliver as promised.

Respecting and Connecting

We believe that everyone has value and that creating an environment that lets that value shine through is central to the work we do. For us this means fostering an inclusive and diverse setting, whereby individual perspectives are embraced and encouraged. In doing this we are able to connect on a deeper level, understand your idiosyncrasies and ultimately matching client to candidate.

Pace and Accuracy

The world moves quickly and so do we! We believe that speed is critical in our business, it makes commercial sense. We want to make sure we get the right people, in the right job, as quickly as possible. Maybe its our experience or just the way we are built, but we have itchy feet and are sticklers for detail so its second nature for us to work quickly and stay ahead of the competition.

No time wasting, just results