MSHR isn’t like a traditional recruitment agency – it works a bit differently. We’ve tried to answer the most commonly asked questions here but if there’s something we haven’t covered give us a call on 01737 350341.

Are you an agency?2019-05-02T14:11:39+01:00

Strictly speaking, no. When one hears the word agency, you immediately begin to conjure imagery of ruthless recruiters trying to source as many prospective candidates as possible. Each one being just a number to add to their overflowing pool of talent. This is not us. We are a boutique consultancy. Kept deliberately small enough for you to feel the benefit of our personalised service. But large enough that we are able to meet the needs of some of the most respected brands globally.

When will you call me?2019-05-02T14:05:58+01:00

We understand the delicate nature of looking for new roles. And the difficulty of discussing these whilst located at your existing employer. We are a team with no set working hours. If this means calling you at 6am ahead of you starting your morning routine and going into work. Or at 10pm after you’ve had dinner and been to the gym, then that is fine by us! We understand the pressures of the modern worker, and we are happy to work flexibly around your schedules.

Where do your services cover?2019-05-02T14:12:17+01:00

We cover and operate across the entire UK, although our placements have predominantly taken place in London, the Midlands and the North of England.

I’m looking for roles but nothing you have fits my profile. Will you look out for me?2019-05-02T14:07:56+01:00

We pride ourselves on understanding career motivations and advocating for strong candidates. With a continually updating list of vacancies, if we feel we have found a credible candidate we will always keep an ear out for future roles that will match your skillset and experience.

How long will the end-to-end process take?2019-05-02T14:14:31+01:00

This can depend heavily on the client timelines, however from our perspective, we are usually contacting you to fill roles that require immediate action. So as soon as we have made our first contact, we will look to set up a call to get to know you better and should we feel there is alignment with you and the client we are recruiting for, you can expect an interview as soon as the very next day.