Project Description

Rush is a Hair and Beauty business with 100+ salons across the country. Lisa Wheatcroft, the HRD had a long standing working relationship having worked with MSHR as a recruitment provider in her previous roles.

Lisa had a huge challenge on her hands in terms of HR and recruitment, needing to change the culture and make-up of the workforce. Recruitment was part of the issue, as explained a recent People Management magazine article featuring Lisa, about HR at Rush: ‘The problems extended to recruitment, which was taking place in a piecemeal, clunky and costly manner. “They weren’t demonstrating the brand in the right way. We weren’t giving our candidates a great experience and while we were getting people in, they just flushed back out again”’.

MSHR enthusiastically embarked on the mission to find a Recruitment Manager to help RUSH to achieve its stretching goals around ensuring that it attracted and retained employees who were committed to the RUSH brand. This was a role that had to be filled by exactly the right person; someone who understood the Company, its origins and aims and would bring their wealth of resourcing experience to bear in helping transform recruitment at RUSH. A successful appointment to the role was made in April 2018 and Carli has been able to impact on training figures and the recruitment strategy overall. A successful recruit.